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Concept Car in Paris

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Modena Track Day 2011
Posted by allsportauto on Friday, June 10 @ 11:58:47 CEST (1515 reads)
Salon, Exposition, Sorties, Rallyes THE MODENA TRACKDAYS Since 1993 Modena Motorsport has been holding its Modena Trackdays on the race tracks of the Nürburgring and SPA. This event now counts as one of the top Ferrari events in the world.

The symbiosis between the almost complete Scuderia Ferrari F1 in action and the collection of historical cultural assets, combined with driving greats such as Jacky Ickx and Niki Lauda makes the Ferrari brand legend tangible.

In this unique environment the guests can try out the limits of their cars and their driving skills. At the end of the event a top-ranking jury will choose the most beautiful cars with a Concours d'Elégance.
Be right there when 200 classic cars and more than 20 Formula 1 supercars meet for the most exclusive Ferrari event of them all
All the informations on the web site : www.modena-trackdays.com
see the full report of the 2009 modena track days here
The program ot the modena track days 2011
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new Ferrari FF to be revealed at geneva Motor show
Posted by allsportauto on Friday, January 21 @ 20:36:51 CET (1290 reads)
Ferrari Ferrari reveals what will be undoubtedly one of the stars of the next  Geneva Motor show, the new Ferrari FF.  
Whereas lamborghini has made use of the four wheels motor coach for a few years on all the models of its range, Ferrari proposes this variation a car of most singular. A half-compartment station-wagon of shooting brake which makes us think at the Romeo Brera. 
Baptized FF for Ferrari Four this integral transmission Named 4RM is a first at Ferrari. 
This Ferrari FF will not  create a new segment within the range of Ferrari but would replace  612 Scaglietti. 
Pininfarina offers a drawing with lines to us more tended directly inspired of the 458 Italia., This GT 2+2 can by its dimension and its form in shooting brake to accomodate under optimal conditions four people with a trunk of 450 liters
 With 1790 kg, a distribution of the weight of  47% in the front and 53% in the back and the new integral transmission, new Ferrari FF should offer a behavior of more making safe and effective and will make it possible to benefit the best from 660 ch delivered by V12 of 6l3.  
To perfect its Ferrari equipment the FF have brakes Brembo ceramics,  ceramic suspensions and a robotized box F1 with double clutch. 
The ratio weight-power is established to 2,7 kg/ch and the 0 to 100 km/h would be swallowed in  3,7 seconds for a maximum speed of 335 km/h. 
With the news  integral transmission, the consumption with a mixed consumption of 15,4 liters to the 100 km.
Length: 4,90 m 
Width: 1,95 m 
Height: 1,38 m
 CO2: 360 g/km.  
Cost Not known
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Bonhams auction in the Grand Palais in Paris February 2011
Posted by allsportauto on Friday, January 07 @ 14:45:29 CET (1323 reads)
Salon, Exposition, Sorties, Rallyes BONHAMS organizes one of the most waited the auction of cars, motor bikes and automobilia. That Aution will take place on February 5, 2011 in Paris with under the nave of the "Grand Palais" which was one of the places which marked l' car since the Motor-show s' there is unrolled of 1901 to 1961 before joining the door of versaille. with 90 cars, 30 motor bikes and 200 batches all of automobilia, impassioned will be able to find their happiness with inter alia, Bugatti Type 51 of Lord Raglan, Bugatti Type 46 False Convertible Carosserie Veth & Estimated Zoon € 500,000/600,000, Standard Bugatti 46 Convertible of 1930 Figoni body, the cars of races with Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS Spyder Zagato of 1930 or of the personalities like Ferrari 330 WP 2+2 1965 of John Lennon or Aston Martin DB2/4 of 1955 of King Beaudoin. Also a Dutch private collection
  • Alfa Romeo 1900 C Série 1 Coupé Sprint 1953 - € 75,000 / 85,000
  • Alfa Romeo 1900 C Série 2 Coupé Sprint 1954 - € 75,000 / 85,000
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Cabriolet 1965 - € 45,000 / 55,000
  • Aston Martin DB2 3.0 Litre Coupé 1952 – € 150,000 / 170,000
  • Citroën DS 19 Cabriolet 1964 - € 120,000 / 140,000
  • Ferrari 250 GT Série II Cabriolet 1960 – € 325,000 / 425,000
  • Ferrari 330 GTC Berlinetta 1966 - € 150,000 / 200,000
  • Ferrari 365 GTB4 ‘Daytona’ 1973 - € 200,000 / 300,000
  • Jaguar Type E coupé série 1 1964 - € 55,000 / 75,000
  • Mercedes-Benz 300 S Cabriolet 1954 – € 240,000 / 280,000
  • Mercedes-Benz 630 K Torpédo 1929 – € 300,000 / 360,000
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    Retromobile 2011
    Posted by allsportauto on Monday, December 27 @ 16:24:08 CET (1243 reads)
    Salon Rétromobile (Paris) Retromobile for this year occurs over 5 days and adapts its schedules to offer broader schedules of opening (10h every day, except on Wednesday 11 H) and two night until 22:00, Wednesday and Friday, to facilitate the visits of the general public.
    Present last year a plate motor bike of years 70/80/90, with the presence of the manufacturers, will be renewed this year for greatest joy of the motorcyclists.
    Other news Young timers, the “old young people” of the Seventies and Eighties make the place in Renault 4L, 205 GTI, Volvo 240, BX and others youngtimers which forms part of l' now; automobile history and attracts a new generation of young collectors.
    Artcurial propsose an auction car/motor bike/automobilia on Thursday 3 February with an exceptional plate There are always the living room part, sale, exposure which proposes with impassioned and to the general public of the hundreds of vehicles of collections. Do not miss by the appointment of this 36e Rétromobile.
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    Spa Italia 2011 4th & 5th june
    Posted by allsportauto on Thursday, December 23 @ 14:56:05 CET (1431 reads)
    Salon, Exposition, Sorties, Rallyes For its 10th anniversary, SpaItalia is proud to pay a tribute to one of the most prestigious Italian car makers, Alejandro De Tomaso.
    Like every year, an exhibition will gather the most famous models and why not, a sample of each model of the De Tomaso production. Although nearly 8500 cars were produced in 40 years time, it is nowadays difficult to gather more than hundred examples, as they are scattered throughout the world. At the latest De Tomaso meeting in 2009, some hundred cars were present, so SpaItalia wants to beat this record with the help of all European clubs and collectioners.
    These are very well motivated, as they assume that their favourite brand is not recognised as should be by the large public. That is to change in June 2011 ! The programme includes circuit rides for De Tomaso, participation in the Concours d’Elegance and why not, a first run on the circuit in a Pantera, in order to please participants and visitors.
    In 2011, the Pantera celebrates the 40th anniversary of its launch. That is of course a good reason to give a particular place to this model that still makes dream many youngster and less younger people.
    Following the tradition, SpaItalia will welcome all the Italian makes. These will contribute in celebrating sumptuously the 10th anniversary of the largest European event for Italian car makers and coachbuilders. About the activities, new ones should be added to the usual parades, track sessions, touristy rally, concours d’elegance, first runs on the track, without forgetting the dinner show on Saturday night in the Hotel de l’Eau Rouge. More animations, points of interest and guests will justify much more visitors either from the public or from the Italian cars lovers. additional informations here : www.spaitalia.be
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